Haggai, Zechariah, #FarrakhanFridays and The Economic Blueprint

by Cedric Muhammad

Regarding his economic program the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated, “I have set before you a program, according to the Divine Supreme Being and His Prophets. You have neither produced a better program nor anything to equal it.”  This is a statement that should be the basis of rational thought, lawful dialogue and a comparative study of the great many schools of economic thought.  At a certain stage of that process it must become the basis of action.  Those of us who are already convinced of the truth of these words, their timeliness and the trustworthiness of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are acting right now.
A great many more are on their way to doing so.

Can one really begin the most serious of economic conversations with a Bible and/or Holy Qur’an?


Here’s a small example.

The Economic Blueprint of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad deals with the problem of our poor savings habits and mass unemployment.  These problems are mentioned in scripture and prophecies in a great many places.  Two such places are in the words of the Prophets Haggai and Zechariah.

Generally speaking, Haggai articulates more of the material nation-building aspects of God’s spiritual plan.  In contrast the Prophet Zechariah placed greater emphasis on repentance and the universal relevance of that divine plan.  They both pointed to the Messiah in different ways. Despite their leanings both prophets harmoniously worked on behalf of the restoration of the People and Temple of God in Jerusalem which had been destroyed by Babylon and which laid in ruins. [READ MORE]

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