No Doubt About It: Minister Farrakhan is The Man of God and Detroit witnessed it

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

Since 1997, I have not missed attending Saviours’ Day. This is the time of the year when the Nation of Islam commemorates the birth of Master Fard Muhammad and the founding of the NOI in North America. This year marks the 84th year of unmatched sacrifice and service to humanity.

I always call Saviours’ Day the largest family reunion in the world because everyone’s first name is Brother or Sister and last name is Muhammad. And you’ll be saying “As-Salaam Alaikum” so much you’ll start splitting verbs by the end of the third day from greeting thousands of Muslims. True story.

Every year, many will walk away saying “This was the best Saviours’ Day ever” and most of the time it’s true. There is always something unique occurring every year.

And this one in Detroit was no different.

Out of all that I personally experienced, one of the most emotional moments ever was the keynote address bythe Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He spoke before 19,000 plus at the JoeLouis Arena on February 23.

Don’t get it twisted: This was not some mere feel-good speech or pep rally. I witnessed a man being completely taken over by Allah (God) and giving all in his heart to make sure we clearly understood that playing with that which we profess to believe in is over.  Playing with God, The Prophets and his own presence among us is finished.

In sports terms, Minister Farrakhan left it all on the court that day.

Sure, he had a prepared message in front of him from what I could see, but he went “off script” many times because Allah (God) and The Living Christ that backs him were moving him according to Their Script. The Two Who backed him were his teleprompter that day. He's reminded us over and over that everything he has done up to this point is directly connected to the scroll that was coming down in front of him when he went to The Wheel in 1985 during his More Than A Vision Experience. Minister Farrakhan doesn't need notes. He just has to reach up into that which his Teacher has deposited within him. He's full of the Fire of The Spirit of Allah. He's like a guided missile and his Teacher is in control. 

He’s been called crazy for his conviction about the existence of The Wheel and for saying since 1981 that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is Physically Alive. However, he reminded us all during the Saviours’ Day address that he will NEVER back down from it! You can take it or leave it, but Minister Farrakhan is a True Soldier for Christ. And he’s His Vicegerent, not the Pope of Rome.

Minister Farrakhan’s expressions were piercing, his words were bone chilling, his love was evident, and I can’t count how many times I cried internally and externally. It wasn’t until Jesus was about to depart that He started telling the people who He was. Minister Farrakhan has been in the “I Am” moments since the concluding weeks of his 58-week series, “The Time and What Must Be Done.”

It’s not for vanity sake, it’s for the sake of those who have made grave mistakes in dealing with him, those who have not seen him clearly in relation to scripture and those who think they are dealing with some small time civil rights activist.

Like Jesus, he knows the thoughts of those who want to betray him and those who want to see him six feet deep. However, in bold-like fashion he called them out and said he “can’t wait to see them” when they come to arrest him. This wasn’t for entertainment or applause, this was the drama of the scriptures unfolding before my eyes. Listen to this man and tally it up against what you read in your Bible about The Arrests and Trials of Jesus.

What manner of man is this?

The past six years, I have live tweeted his messages, but this had me staring at my laptop many times, fingers unmoving. Other times I would run from behind my MAC screen to go onto the main floor to look into his eyes. Though I bore witness loudly at times with the crowd, I didn’t clap as much as I normally would. It was something about THIS message that was drilling down in my soul. This man’s divine energy was radiating strong. Forget the movie, I saw the Real Passion of The Christ that day. Just ask anyone who was there!

As I heard and watched him speak, I was reminded of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Farewell Address. Minister Farrakhan has been teaching his heart out for nearly 60 years and said he has concluded that good preaching, fine words, sensational speeches, loving lectures and divine discourses aren’t enough to whip me and us into submission.

He said:
I want you to read the 37th Chapter of Ezekiel:  “The Parable of The Dry Bones.”  They have not heard, and responded properly, to The Word.  And “The Son of Man”—the head “Son of Man,” said to that “son of man”:  “They didn’t hear you because they didn’t hear Me.” 
All these great ones in that image:  They preached to you; and we “applauded them.”  But we betrayed each one by not carrying on their Work.  I am through preaching to you.  I want you to hear me!  I’ve said to you all that needs to be said…  But when he went back to his Lord and Sender, and said, “I have preached to them, and they have not responded,” so The Lord said, “Don’t speak to them anymore.  Prophesy unto The Winds—and let The Winds blow on these slain of God.” 
And when The Winds began to blow, and they realized that they were being chastised:  There’s no people that have had this great a pantheon of leaders to talk to us.  And in every generation, we praise God for them, and then walked away, and did nothing.  You will not do that with me.  
My Father said—Elijah Muhammad, that is: “It’s gonna take more than ‘good teaching’ to get our people up.”  I have come to that conclusion, after nearly 60 years of teaching you, and 37 years absent my Teacher, talking to you.  It’s clear to me that you need something else.  And so, I’m talking to The Winds.  And I guarantee you, when you leave me, you’ll see:  Everything is going to get worse, and worse, and worse—for them and for you!  If you don’t submit, He will whip you into submission!
When he said that, I wasn’t looking at or thinking about nobody else but Brother Jesse. I hung my head because I know I am guilty of not being the best I know I should be. I am guilty of not acting on The Word, Laws, and Divine Dictates I’ve been given in a manner that is most pleasing to Allah (God), His Christ and Their Reminder in our midst, Minister Farrakhan. I’ve been default in duty to my Nation, my family and myself. That’s what I was thinking: “You should be ashamed of yourself Brother Jesse.”

Minister Farrakhan held up a huge mirror at the Joe Louis Arena and the reflection I saw didn’t make me happy. I don’t want people to think that Minister Farrakhan “beat us down.” No, like a good father he warned us in love and showed us why we must choose life that our seed and we may live.

When he brought the Fruit of Islam brothers and MGT-GCC Vanguard sisters of the Nation up on the stage, he said:
These brothers (and sisters):  They look so good; so clean, so handsome …  (Don’t disappoint me!)  But, none of us are “perfect”; we all have made mistakes.  Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall.  But, we don’t lay down and stay down—we get back up and dust off.  These are soldiers for Christ. 
Christ needs soldiers.  Christ doesn’t need people that know how to sing, but don’t know how to walk the walk!  Christ doesn’t need people that just know how to talk the talk, but don’t know how to live the life.  Christ wants real soldiers. 
So instead of telling you in this blog what I’m going to do. I would rather move out, do it and then remind the world that it was all because of the Jesus among us who gave me another chance to get it right. I don’t want to be a silent witness…

Will I take advantage of this Grace? My actions will drown out my lip service.

I invite everyone to watch and parse The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 2014  Saviours’ Day Address @ http://www.noi.org/saviours-day/. Get it on MP3, MP4, DVD, CD, etc @ http://store.finalcall.com/.

See you on the battlefield.

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