People Over Profits! Jasiri X supports workers protesting the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Ok, so how many times do I have to keep saying it? Jasiri X is the most important Hip-Hop artist on the scene right now. In fact, the past few years. Who else do you know has consistently--not every now and then--addressed critical issues with lyrical bars?

His latest video "People Over Profits" was filmed in support of thousands of workers protesting the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pittsburgh's largest employer, land owner and healthcare provider, for paying poverty wages, saddling employees with medical debt, and preventing them from forming a union. 

According to an email I received from Jasiri X, UPMC is a $10 billion global health enterprise that made almost a billion dollar in profits over the past 2 years. They have $4 billion in cash and investments and own $2.5 billion worth of property. If UPMC was classified as a for profit company it would be on the Fortune 500 list. UPMC has spent millions of dollars over the last few years, not on paying employees a living wage, but in an effort to prevent them from unionizing. 

Please watch and share the video "People Over Profits" and for more information on how you can support the rights of UPMC workers go to http://makeitourupmc.org/

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