[Video] Jasiri X releases Apology to Marissa Alexander, who now faces 60 years in prison

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

I admit: Jasiri X definitely made me look in the mirror with this latest release. And any real man who listens to this will admit we have not done our best in standing up for, defending and protecting our sisters.

According to his BlackYouthProject.com post, Jasiri X, said, "“Dear Marissa” is my apology to Marissa Alexander, a black woman who was sentenced in Florida to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband. Her retrial starts in July, and incredibly, she is now facing 60 years in prison. Prosecutor Angela Corey announced she is seeking the maximum sentence of 20 years for 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Please contribute to Marissa Alexander’s legal defense fund by going to Marissa Alexander Freedom Fundraiser. "

The lyrics to “Dear Marissa” are below. Watch the video below as well. Please spread this!

Dear Marrissa can you please forgive us
For not hearing your cries or the cries of your sisters
We ignored you for months after your verdict was delivered
Your burden wasn’t considered but your courage never withered
Left deserted in a prison given 20 live years
And a orange jumpsuit that’s faded from dry tears
A hard bed in a cell our innocence lies here
A mother ripped from her children’s the only crime that’s clear
Why are we so quiet why are we so silent
Why did we wash our hands of it why are Pontius Pilate
Why are we so slow to respond to domestic violence
When women are abused we’re always given an excuse
But tell me what would you do if you felt you children were threatened
And the man who beat you violated order of protection
And you had access to a legal and licensed weapon
And you feared for your life and the lives if your adolescents
Dear Marrissa I’m sorry i feel responsible partly
my voice was hardy a whisper how could we just forget ya
can you please forgive us for not hearing your cries or the cries of your sisters
signed Mr. Jasiri X

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