What really happened? Minister Farrakhan offers to pay for independent autopsy of Chokwe Lumumba's body

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Last Wednesday I got the news about the transition of our brother Chokwe Lumumba during my weekly news segment on KPFT's Sound of Soul Radio. That was very disheartening. As I read the news reports about his death, something just wasn't adding it. It was all suspicious. 

My thoughts were confirmed on Sunday, March 2 when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered Part 2 of his Saviours' Day address; a continuation from the warning he delivered the prior week in Detroit.

As he closed out his words at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Minister Farrakhan said these words about Chokwe Lumumba:

"I’ve known him for nearly 40 years. He passed away about a week ago. His funeral will be on the 8th of this month. And he died under circumstances that we don’t know what it was. He became the mayor of Jackson, MS. And any of you who know Mississippi and know Jackson--a Black man being mayor and trying to do right by all the people is not a mayor that those people want. 

He was in the hospital. He was on the phone doing mayoral business. He was laughing. He was in good spirits and within a few hours, he was dead. I understand that they’re guarding his body and I was so happy to learn that they are getting an independent pathologist because medical examiners…we can’t trust them when our babies are dead and they make it seem as if it were under "natural circumstances." They lie to protect the government. We have to have our own independent pathologists and whatnot to look after us, so I understand they’re trying to raise the money. I told them don’t even waste time, call me. I will give you whatever it takes to get our own forensic specialist to go in and make sure that our brother died under the right circumstances." [WATCH THE CLIP]


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