Activist Deric Muhammad and Project Forward set to host 'Day of Encouragement' for Black fathers in Houston

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Earlier this year President Barack Obama shed light on the plight of young Black males in America and launched a national program "My Brother's Keeper" to address their needs. Prior to this announcement, there was an initiative launched in Houston by activist Deric Muhammad called Project Forward. Project Forward is focused on empowering the Black community with the principles of brotherhood, family, youth mentorship, respect for life, recycling the Black dollar with black businesses, proper education, solution-oriented activism and fighting for justice.

As part of it's many forthcoming efforts to be a beacon of light in the community, Project Forward will be hosting a 'Day of Encouragement' Rally for Black Fathers on Father's Day, June 15, 2014 at MacGregor Park in Houston's Third Ward area at 5pm. Fatherhood will be celebrated with many activities and culminated with a unified pledge to become better fathers. It is free and open to the public.

"This is a day of celebration, to celebrate those who have worked hard to be fathers to their children, and it’s a day we want to encourage those who have not," said Deric Muhammad in a recent interview with Hurt2HealingMag.com. "What we’re saying to brothers is to go and pick up your children on Father’s Day and bring them to Macgregor Park. Sometimes a brother, when he doesn’t have any money, will say he’s broke and can’t go pick up his children. All we’re saying is just get to the park, we’ll have something there for you to do with them. We just want to create an atmosphere where men can focus on spending quality time with their children first and foremost."

For more information on Project Forward, follow @ProjectFWD and @DericMuhammad. Also Connect on Facebook and visit ProjectForwardHouston.com.

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