The Logos Publishing Presents Common Unity (Community) Literacy Event in Houston

The Logos Publishing Presents: Common Unity (Community) Literacy Event

 “It is imperative that our youth develop the desire to acquire knowledge. This knowledge must be a requisite knowledge that relates to self identity, purpose, and self reliance”-Author Adon Author, Adon Laster is a Native Houstonian who grew up predominantly inside the inner city loop.

With an exposure to the inner city elements of poverty, crime, and ignorance, Adon developed a passion for the innocent victims of a vicious environment that containmanated many. With aspirations of being a banker or a business owner when he was young; his primary purpose was for helping people. But without proper guidance and mentorship and a conducive environment; some aspirations died, but his passion to help people never receded.

The Logos Publishing is one of Adon’s Businesses that was manifested with the intent of reciprocating the quality of literature that change lives. Adon’s book, ICY, was birth out of personal and vivicariuos experience with only one Intent: To educate the youth. ICY is about all of the city elements that he and so many others weren’t educated on realistically. ICY attempt to do just the opposite.

On Sat. July 5, 2014 from noon-4pm at Hutcheson Park(US610&Lockwood) The Logos Publishing is inviting the Kashmere Garden/FifthWard community out the Meet, Greet, and Inspire, with some positive male images and much more. We want to invite the parents out so we can exchange information about the educational challenges for the 21st century. Also we will have authors’ educators, community leaders and free snowcones from 12pm-4pm. 

This is a common unity(community) event and we are asking just for a small donation of your time; everything else won’t cost you a dime.

For more info contact: dlast8@yahoo.com Office:872-588-5971 Manger/Publisher- Adon

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