Trickle Down Entertainment launching 24/7, worldwide station, All Real Radio

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

For nearly five years straight, I have been blessed to be a guest news analyst on KPFT's Sound of Soul (S.O.S.) Radio hosted by DJ Zin. He's more than just a deejay though. He's a serious selfless community servant in Houston who has utilized his platforms to propel the careers of many in the music industry; as well as to promote anything positive going on in our 'hoods. He is the epitome of the saying, "We do it for the cause, not the applause." So I got extremely excited when I received this announcement in my inbox because I know how bad this brother has been wanting to do this!

Zin's Trickle Down Entertainment will be launching All Real Radio (ARR) on June 8 at 8 a.m. (CST). The Internet based station is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but is available to listeners worldwide. All Real Radio bridges the gap between pop culture, music, and the global community. ARR offers a positive alternative to the indulgent and sometimes negative urban broadcast market. Also, ARR presents an opportunity for listeners to be exposed to public affairs commentary and diverse music genres such as hip-hop, soul, blues and Afrobeat.

The station will feature local artists such as: The Hue, Bel-Ami, K-Rino, and Alycia Miles. Furthermore, All Real Radio’s programming includes talk shows focusing on health and wellness, sports, and politics. On-air personalities and content contributors of ARR will include New York disc-jockey, Ready Cee and Houston poet, Outspoken Bean. 

"All Real Radio provides an opportunity for listeners to hear something different where they are entertained, enlightened, and uplifted simultaneously, said ARR president and founder ZIN. “At All Real Radio, we strive to make the world better through top quality programming.”

Because All Real Radio is about nurturing the mind, body, and soul of the listener, the first sounds scheduled to play is a prayer to bless the airways.

 “Before we launch, we must pray and thank God and our ancestors for this opportunity, said ZIN. “We want to bless ARR’s new journey and the listeners who will follow us.”

 For more information about All Real Radio programming and events, please visit the website at www.allrealradio.com. Also LIKE ARR on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

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