Deric Muhammad featured in Faces of Black Houston Series and set to release first published book

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

This year I have witnessed my sibling and fellow Muslim brother Deric Muhammad receive more awards and recognitions than I have in all of his years of community service. He doesn’t work for it because his fuel is not accolades, it’s the advancement of the people. 

That’s how the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has trained us: Focus on service. Do it for the cause, not the applause. When Minister Farrakhan receives some form of award, he always reminds us of the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, “Honor is never truly given until the work is done.” Thus, it all should serve as further motivation for us to work harder to serve the people and do it for the Glory of God.

With that being said, I would like to congratulate Brother Deric on recently being selected as a featured profile in the Houston Defender's Faces of Black Houston Summer Series. He is also on the verge of releasing his first-ever published book.

(Deric Muhammad with fellow "Faces of Black Houston" honorees: (l-r) Entrepreneur Warren Luxe, DJ Supastar, Dr. Sonya Sloane, Rev. William A. Lawson, and professional golfer Maggie Noel)
The Houston Defender believes everyone has a story and they decided to explore remarkable narratives and reveal them to their readers. This series is giving people a glimpse into the worlds, minds, fears, and dreams of everyday Houstonians who we might have otherwise missed. Brother Deric was chosen along with  Entrepreneur Warren Luxe, DJ Supastar, Dr. Sonya Sloane, Rev. William A. Lawson, and professional golfer Maggie Noel.

Click below to watch the video of Brother Deric's Faces of Black Houston feature. Let me know what you think.

What about this forthcoming book? Well, I can bear witness that he has been pregnant with this idea for a long time. Now the moment has arrived. His first ever published book is entitled, "A.S.A.P." which is an acronym for "A Street Activist's Perspective." It is a compilation of soul-stirring opinion editorials that cover a number of issues plaguing the Black community. He addresses social, political, cultural, spiritual and economic issues in a way that is reflective of his position as a street activist, although he's more than just that title. This book is considered a must-read for all of Black America.

In an excerpt from the book, posted on his website, Brother Deric writes:

Black people in America have many issues. This book focuses on some of the most critical of our time. While it is meant to create meaningful dialogue, my real motive is to create in us a sense of NOW in addressing these issues. In so many ways we have become ‘jaded’ toward our own suffering. We make mockery of our own destructive behavior. Through television shows like ‘Love & Hip Hop’, as well as ‘Scandal’, we promote that which demotes the dignity of our community. This book is small in size; but so is a match. The size of a fire is never limited to the size of the match that lights the fire. In cities all across America and beyond we must come together as a people and create a ‘let’s get it done’ mentality when it comes to addressing our issues, mapping out a strategy to solve our problems and executing a plan with perfect precision. Let’s quicken the pace toward freedom by adopting the A.S.A.P. mentality. Let’s go!

His official book release and signing will be taking place Friday, July 25 at Aunt Bea's Restaurant in Houston at 6:30pm. "I am inviting you to share the birth of my very first self-published book," said Brother Deric in an email invite. "I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share aspects of my story along with my perspective on "our issues" in the the form of this book. However, the work that we have put into this project will be of little value if not supported by the very people that it was produced for. That would be YOU."

He is asking everyone to come by, obtain a copy of the book, take a photo with him and upload the photo to their social media page.  He is scheduled to give a short speech at 7:45pm. I am definitely looking forward to obtaining my autographed copy and reading it. Salute to my big brother!

(To stay connected with Deric Muhammad by visiting his official website DericMuhammad.com. You may follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Order your copy of A.S.A.P)

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