Kenya Muhammad graduates from Muhammad University of Islam and dreams of being crowned Grand Ball Queen

(Blogger's Note: Sister Kenya Muhammad is a humble rising young star in the ranks of the Nation of Islam. She recently graduated from Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago and will be attending St. Xavier University. Here's a special word from her on her MUI journey and why she would love your support for MUI Grand Ball Queen. She got my support.)

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. 

As Salaam Alaikum! 

 My name is Sister Kenya Muhammad. I am proud to be a 17 year old high school graduate (as of July 25, 2014) of Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago. Words cannot adequately describe my sentiment towards this wonderful institution for all that is has done to help me to become the woman that Allah (God) desires of me. I have learned and grown so much because of all the wonderful teachers who instilled character, discipline and love into every aspect of my education. 

My peers have been such a huge inspiration and example to me of young people who have goals and work hard to accomplish anything they set their minds to. I will never forget all that I have been able to attain from choosing to return back to such an incomparable environment. 

However, one of the only things I have always wished I could partake in growing up was prom. The whole idea of dressing up and enjoying an evening of dancing and fun with my peers always excited me and I felt it was unfortunate that my school didn't have one or something similar. Let me not even get started on how much I would've loved to be crowned queen of one! Fortunately, this year marks the first year of a new tradition at MUI. 

 MUI's G.O.D organization, which stands for Girls of Distinction, have organized the first of its kind MUI Grand Ball! It will be an evening (August 2nd) filled with dinner, music, dancing, photographs and all things that excite me! I am extremely eager to attend the event and have a great time with my friends and meet new people. There will even be a Grand Ball King and Queen crowned that night. The King and Queen will be awarded to the brother and sister who raises the most money for MUI. I would love your support in helping to make this dream come true. 

To donate you can visit http://muigrandball.com/donation2.html and enter my name, Kenya Muhammad, and city, Chicago. I thank you all in advance for your donations and even desire to give. May Allah (God) bless you all!

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