Funeral Service for Michael Brown in Ferguson: "Today We Mourn. Tomorrow we return to the fight for justice."

by Richard B. Muhammad, editor, The Final Call Newspaper

FERGUSON, Mo--It has been two weeks since the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, a ridiculously heavy-handed and brutal response from the police department that Wilson worked for and from Ferguson's police chief. 

There has been the rebellion of Black youth and demands for justice for what family attorney Benjamin Crump called the "execution" of this young man.

There have been protests and there have been marches and meetings, analysis and forums, editorials and interviews, petitions and legal pleas.

There has been overall a spirit of love and unity, a rebirth of Black affection, a reconnection through pain, outrage and humiliation. There has been kindness to one another in warm embraces, tight hugs and firm handshakes.

But today we mourn.

We mourn for Michael Brown, who did not choose to be a martyr. We mourn for the mother and father of Michael Brown, who did not choose to sacrifice their son.

We mourn for the Brown family and Big Mike's friends, who did not choose to be thrust onto the world's stage and who did not choose to have their hearts ripped out.

We mourn for our youth who have suffered the humiliation and the oppression of police departments and institutions that should be serving and not targeting them.

We mourn for our people, who regardless of age, gender, income or location are fed up with injustice.

We mourn today.

Tomorrow we return to the fight for justice.

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