We Make the World Better: All Real Radio Campaign Kick-Off At Radical Eats in Houston

(Source: Gristleandgossip.com)

I attended a campaign kick-off this weekend for All Real Radio, an online streaming radio station whose tag line is "We Make the World Better" and after spending my Sunday afternoon with the crew, MY world has already been changed. With clean radio from 5am to 9pm this is a station for the entire family to enjoy!

Zin, the "Curator of Soul" and Founder of All Real Radio brought together an eclectic group of Houstonians in support of ARR's mission. Guests were treated to great food, even better music and some heartfelt words of gratitude.

Brother Jesse Muhammad was the emcee for this event and did a great job educating the crowd on the importance of philanthropy. Check out the video above to hear Zin's All Real Radio report!

Connect with All Real Radio via Twitter and Facebook. Tune in their live stream here..and most importantly DOWNLOAD THE APP for (Android) & (Apple) so you can rock all day an all night!

Oakland native, Michele Thibeaux brought the heat with her "quirky", yet amazingly on point performances. One of my favorite jams of the night was her hit "Ultimate MC" where All Real Radio's very own, Zin, made a dope cameo appearance that had the crowd grooving.

Staci Davis, Owner of Radical Eats and avid supporter of All Real Radio, opened the doors of her "Funky eatery with art-adorned surroundings" for all to experience & enjoy! I encourage you to stop by for a meal, a cocktail or coffee. Staci has a neat library of books covering all subjects and she even has live butterflies that she cares for. If you are lucky you may see the birth of one, or one that is being set free! Stop in and say hello to Staci as she is really a jewel to the community and has a heart for philanthropy for meaningful cause that make an impact. Support Radical Eats.

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