Open season on Blacks? Hunter versus the hunted mentality seen across America

(FinalCall.com) - From California to South Carolina, from Missouri to Detroit to New York, Blacks are being assaulted, shot and killed. As anger grows, protests rise, and frustrations build, people are asking, when and how will this end?

Ever since Black people were brought to the shores of America in the bottom of slave ships, misery, suffering and death has been their constant companions. After four centuries in this strange land, among a strange people as the scriptures describe, these circumstances are growing worse, not getting better, say many.

“What we are going through now, actually, it’s a different level of what we experienced in slavery,” Nancy Lockhart, a social justice advocate, told The Final Call. “I definitely feel that it’s open season on us.”

...On Oct. 1, a jury convicted Michael Dunn of first degree murder for shooting Jordan Davis over loud music. Earlier this year, a jury also convicted Mr. Dunn of three charges of second-degree murder for firing into the vehicle that carried three others along with teenager Davis. “We send our love and support to the family of Jordan Davis.

Today is a day to remember Jordan and honor his life, renew our commitment to ending Florida’s deadly ‘Stand Your Ground’ or ‘Shoot First’ law, and grow our movement to end violence perpetrated against Black youth,” said Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange.org, an online civil rights organization. [Read More]

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