How To Create Your Own Vision Board For 2015 and Start Winning!

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

This past year, one of the main topics I spoke about inside various schools was regarding the importance of creating a personal vision board. It is a board that depicts your goals for the week, month or year.

Are you looking to create a vision board for 2015? Follow these easy steps:

 1) Pull out old or new magazines you don't mind destroying. Search and cut out pictures or words that represent what you would like to attain. There are no limits except the ones you accept.

2) Get a poster board. Start gluing or taping those images all over your board however you like. Remember this is not for anyone else, this is for YOU.

3) Hang the vision board in a place where it is most visible and where you know you will see it EVERYDAY. I don't know about you, but it is very easy to forget about things when you don't have a visual blueprint. Look at it daily.

4) Take action! Don't do this just to look good to others who may stop by your home, but do it for the sake of achieving your goals. At the end of every day ask yourself "What did I do today to get me one inch closer to achieving one of my goals?"

It's your time. 2015 here we come.

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