A Time of Reflection: 2015 New Year's guidance from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan posted the following words on his Instagram page on December 31, 2014. This definitely sets the tone for the new year.

"The expression “Happy New Year” is a tradition of this world, and the tradition of this world is to raise as much hell as you can as an old year goes out, make resolutions that you don’t intend to fulfill or you won’t fulfill, and engage in raucous behavior. We, as Muslims, should not participate in such.

The new year may be happy, but it may not be happy; so we should wish for everyone God’s Peace in the new year. Whether there are misfortunes that we might face, which won’t make it happy, but if God’s Peace is with us, then no matter what trial or circumstance comes up in the new year, that resolve with God will help us to get through.

The Bible teaches that the old world goes out with “a great noise.” And to symbolize how the old world is going to go out is the way this world lets the old year go out, with lots of noise and frivolity and foolishness and decadence. And as we have been blessed by God to come through an old year, there are so many people who started last year, friends, family, and persons that influenced our lives, who said “Happy New Year” not knowing that it would be their last year on this Earth. So for me: It has always been a Time of Reflection, reflection on those who started the year but were not blessed to finish it; reflection on what we did or did not do, that we pray God will bless to do better."

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