[BLOG REVIEW] Review of The All-New Brother Jesse Blog

With today’s social media outlets supplying nearly 80 percent of its users with local, national and global updates, most of those who are seeking top news stories end up on information overload. It has become a challenge for the general public to find sources that are reliable, creative, intelligent and downright interesting. Well for those who are avid “bloggies” you may be familiar with the award-winning Brother Jesse Blog, which is the perfect combination of all the above plus a punch of spiritual prowess. For the very first time since its initial debut in 2007, Brother Jesse Blog is receiving a major update and complete overhaul by moving from the Blogger platform to a sleek, interactive and edgy WordPress design! 

Read the full review and visit the new site @ http://brotherjesseblog.com/blog-review-exclusive-pre-launch-review-of-the-all-new-brother-jesse-blog/

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